The Sharing of Experience

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Oftentimes the best way to get a sense of how you’ll feel is to hear directly from families that have held services for loved ones at Coyle Funeral and Cremation Services. We invite you to read and explore a range of testimonials and get the best sense possible of what your experience can be. Please ask us any questions, any time. We want nothing more than to help you through a difficult time with ease, peace and healing.

“During one of the hardest times of anyone's life, it is so wonderful to have people like you there to help us through. This is our family's fourth burial using our services and we couldn't imagine going anywhere else during this very special time of need.”

Debby Gallagher and Family May 15, 2019

“Dear Coyle family and staff, we wish to thank you for the wonderful professionalism extended to our family in the care of our brother Bob for the viewing. Not knowing if their would be a closed casket, how special it was with an open casket, with allowed us to have a peaceful and lasting remembrance of our brother.”

Family of Bob S. October 20, 2018

“Dear Megan, thank you and your staff for making Dad's funeral so special. Everything you said would be done was done and more. From the set-up, the services and the day after with the special attention to the flowers, everything was perfect. The memorial video was beautiful too . Please thank everyone involved, we truly appreciate you. Warms regards, the family of Jack Ruth”

Jennifer Mack October 29, 2018

“Dear Gary and Coyle Staff: We want to thank you for the wonderful care you gave us for our father, Richard Martel's funeral and burial. We are so grateful for the guidance you provided us both before and during the funeral. You assisted in making the whole service the best it could be for our Dad. (Well, except for the rain) With sincere appreciation to you and your Coyle Funeral Home staff.”

The family of Richard Martel March 22, 2018

“Gary, Thank you! We were so happy with the way our father's funeral turned out. You, Megan and the Coyle team did a great job and we all wanted you to know we appreciate how smoothly everything went. Take Care.”

Karen K. February 02, 2018

“Thank you so much for everything you did to make our Mom's service so beautiful. Thanks for the blanket, candle, laminated obit and extras you provided. We couldn't be more pleased with everyone on your staff and the support that was provided.”

Robin V. February 05, 2018

“Dear Megan and Coyle team, words cannot express our gratefulness for such a beautiful "celebration of life" for Mom!!! It couldn't have been more perfect and everything about the service was totally her. Please thank Barb for taking such good care of every little detail. We loved the video tribute! With gratitude. Mary Jo.”

MaryJo A. June 09, 2017

“Megan, Much thanks for your guidance and compassion during this difficult time making arrangements for our daughter Maggie McLoughlin. To you and all the Coyle staff, we appreciate everything you have done. Maggie and Bob Kirby”

Kirby March 29, 2017

“The Collin's family would like to extend its heartfelt thank you to Coyle Funeral Services and especially Phil Neitzel for the care, compassion and over all support shown to us during our time of grief. Phil's extra effort in arranging the service with Gesu Church and Calvary Cemetery was overwhelmingly appreciated and made us feel less burdened. Thank you so much. The Collin's Family Kathy, Kevin and Sue”

Collin's March 31, 2017

“Dear Coyle Funeral Home Staff, I want to again express my appreciation to all of you for the gentleness and kindness shown to my family and friends for my mother. Your attention to every detail in handling all aspects of her viewing, placement of her photo memory boards flowers, and the family lounge- all were so comforting. My mother was a beautiful person, inside and out, your delivery of her appearance and how beautiful she looked will always and forever be a lasting memory to me. Again, thank you. All of you at Coyle were so compassionate and kind. We need people like you in this vocation at a very difficult moment in time with the loss of someone we loved so much. Even your classy decor reflected an ambiance my mother would have loved. She was a classy gal and since she & I had our own decorating shop at Westgate we knew how influential color and decor was of value. May you all continue to offer solace to those who are in need of your services for many years to come. It is such a legacy to preserve a family name all of these years. Continued success Megan.”

Pat Olsson February 02, 2017

“Thank you for providing a beautiful service for mother. Phil was there for us 100%. His assistance and support is greatly appreciated. Thanks also to all the other staff. Sincerely, Dave S.”

Dave S. January 05, 2016

“Dear Gary and the entire Coyle team- Thank you all so much for helping the Duggan family celebrate our mother Joan's life on November 22. We did what my Mom wanted- s a good ol' Irish Wake! Everyone at Coyle was so helpful during a trying time for us, and that is much appreciated by all of us. Thanks again and best to the Coyle team and family.”

Tom Duggan and Family December 11, 2015

“The love and support extended by you and your family in the planning of our dad's final service gave us much comfort. You offered him the highest dignity and we are so grateful. One can never imagine the gravity felt in making the difficult decisions when a loved one is laid to rest. We knew that our dad trusted Coyle's implicitly and it eased the pain in our hearts to know that he was given the greatest care and consideration. You went above and beyond to ensure that every detail was managed every step of the way. From the community to his fine government staff to his grandchildren - each were offered the opportunity to experience peace in his passing because of you. We are grateful beyond words.”

The Collins Family April 16, 2015

“I just wanted to express my utmost gratitude to all of you for everything you did in caring for my husband Juan. You made his Memorial Service so beautiful. Thank you for your kindness in blessing us with an amazing tapestry and candle to remember Juan. I will recommend your services to everyone. You are all so awesome in everything you do. God Bless Coyle Funeral and Cremation Services and your staff.”

J. Diaz February 19, 2015

“Dear Coyle Funeral Staff, Thank you so much for all you did to make a very difficult time to smoothly. I appreciate the work the staff did to make my father look handsome and for arranging the speaker for the service. His words were very comforting, and I am grateful for his service too.”

Amy E. January 02, 2015

“Coyle's Staff: We would like to thank you for your help and support in the care of our Mother. Your staff was wonderful and kind. Thanks again.”

the Cortez family December 18, 2014

“Dear Coyle's and Megan, thank you so much for all of the help and support given in arranging my Mom's funeral. As an individual and business you were a comfort to all of us. I think you did a wonderful job honoring her and making everything go well.”

Lisa & Dennis September 15, 2014

“Thank you so much for taking care of my dad with my mom's funeral. You were all so kind and gracious to us. It seemed you went out of your way to make everything work so smoothly. We were in a difficult spot with another funeral home, but you came through and made sure everything went well. Thank you so much for the tapestry of mom. IT is so beautiful and such a wonderful gift. Again, thank you for all you did for our family. Sally Meador Richard Cherry and Family”

The Family of Carol Ann Cherry

“Dear Megan, Your presence and accompaniment of me as we planned mom's funeral was such a graced. You are specially gifted for this difficult ministry. We were so touched at how you made this painful time peaceful, calm , graceful and dignified. I am forever grateful for your presence in my life! God provides perfectly! Sister Marcia and Annabelle”

Sister Marcia

“Dear Megan, We wanted to thank you for the excellent service and care you provided for our Mom and our Family. We especially appreciate your accommodation with the larger casket. Thanks so much for what you do.”

The Family of Maureen Hoover

“"Thank you Megan and the entire Coyle staff for everything you have done for us. You made everything so easy, and I am so appreciative!" -Jennifer DeLucia”

the family of Jim Fallon August 18, 2014

“Dear John, Phil, Gary, Cyndi and Georgie, Our deepest and most profound apprecation for your many kindness at the funeral for our mom. At at time such as this, when we lose someone most dear to our hearts, you provided comfort and the utmost consideration.”

the family of Kathleen Gray February 20, 2014

“Dear Megan and the Coyle Staff: My family and I want to thank you for your kindness and caring shown to us at your funeral home after my husband's death. He looked so good after all his last day struggles. He certainly looked at peace. Thanks for all your service at the funeral , the church and the cemetery- all the events went so smoothly. Megan, we thank you for talking about prearrangments last January, and we decided to go that route. It took a big load off my shoulders. Thanks Bunches and God Bless.”

WIson family November 20, 2013

“I wanted to thank Coyle funeral home for providing final services for my mother .I was extremely impressed by the job well done. Coyle covered every aspect of the funeral.Megan and other staff worked with us step by step and that was highly appreciated by myself and my family also. Thank you for our final memory of our mother,grandmother and great grandmother.Coyle is truely a special family. Thank you Lou Hernandez”

Lou Hernandez October 21, 2013

“To the Coyle Funeral Staff: I just wanted to say thank you personally from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for me and my family. I continue to get stronger each day. Your kindness, compassion and service for our tragic loss of our son will never be forgot. God Bless you all.”

Terri B April 23, 2013

“ A wonderful story about 125 years of heritage and family business.”

The Toledo Blade April 21, 2013

“Dear Megan and staff: Thank you all so very much. My Dad looked great. I want to thank you for all you've done for my family over the generations.”

Regina U. March 08, 2013

“"I would recommend Coyle's to anyone in need of first class funeral services. You are very family oriented and dedicated to meeting all our needs. My family has used Coyle's for decades and everyone is very kind and considerate ."”

Sharon T.

“Hi Megan, there are hardly any words I can say that would adequately describe the wonderful funeral service that you provided for my Mom and brothers and sisters. Being in the business for 7+ years, I really understood the compassion and level of service you and your staff provided and it was truly outstanding. I shall always hold Coyle and Sons with fond memories growing up with this family in the old south end and then when the need came, your uncles were there for all the Cryans' including my dad. Thank you for continuing the find tradition of your dad and all the Coyles that went before you. They would truly be very proud of you. When I first walked into the viewing room with my family to see Mom, I saw the quilt and it brought tears to my eyes; I will never forget that moment as long as I live. Megan, MaryAnn told me that you could order a quilt for me just like the one at her funeral. If it is possible that would be wonderful. Please send me an email and I will send you a check and mailing address. Again, thank you for your caring and compassionate support to all my family. Please understand that when my time comes, even though I live in Maine, it will be Coyle's who my partner and I will turn to. My partner and I already have a "companion nitch" at Resurrection in the mausoleum and Coyle's will get us into our final resting place. Sincerely, Tom Cryan”

Tom Cryan December 09, 2012

“"Coyle's has been used by our family for generations;Dad had worked at Calvary Cemetery and had many professional dealings with the staff. You most definitely met our expectations. We loved the Memorial woven blanket you gave to our family in memory of our Mother. All the little touches just helped make a special, memroable time. Whatever we needed, you were there for us. Thank you."”

Kathy B. and Mary Ann W. November 16, 2012

““We were made to feel very comfortable””

Dennis L.

““For such a bad time for our family, the staff here made everything wonderful””

Ann W.

“Dear Megan, I wanted to take a moment to say thank you again for the kindness and compassion that you extended to my mother and sister when they were in to make arrangements for my father’s funeral service. You really made them feel at ease during this difficult time. Your entire staff needs to be commended as well! The comment that I heard over and over was “how peaceful” my father looked. I could not agree more. Everyone that we came in contact with could not have been more professional and friendly. What could have been a difficult decision regarding the planters and flower arrangements was simplified with Cyndi’s input after the visitation. Both of the gentlemen that accompanied us to the funeral mass and then on to the cemetery could not have been more attentive. Coyle Funeral Home has been a part of many chapters in my family’s life. After all these many years Coyle still means quality and service and for that I am grateful. Best Regards,”

Timothy W. October 15, 2012

“Megan and staff of Coyle: Thank you for your kind care of my Mother. Your staff is exceptional and sensitive to the emotions involved at the time of life. And our family appreciates the soft landing you provided. God Bless you all and thank you from our whole family.”

Margie L. September 26, 2018

“John, Phil and Megan, thank you so very much for the services you provided my Grandson. Your kindness and consideration will be appreciated forever. You helped us though a very difficult situation with perfection.”

Jim S. September 17, 2018

“Dear Joe and Megan, Recently a wonderful gentleman named Earl W. Hoffsis passed away, age 93. He was as perfect a Man as the Good Lord expected things to be. Because of the Love and Duty he personified to all who met him, his family and friends needed simply, a location where an atmosphere of comfort and welcoming was felt by all visitors. Coyle Funeral Home posseses these virtues. Respect, and warmth are present in all aspects of the needed preparations, from Earl's showing and burial. A truly unique blessing happened when the Coyle Staff notified the local newspaper about worthy news events involving Earl during WW 2. Being in the Air Force, he was brought into direct contact with the enemy in the China -Burma-India theater of Battle. Further, the reporter continued his research through Earl's employment as a Perrysburg police officer, to becoming an engineer with unique successes in Toledo's large corporations. Earl was also responsible for needed church duties and many veterans affairs. For the Coyle Staff to have handled the means of bringing Earl's achievements to the public's attention was deeply thoughtful, and greatly appreciated by Earl's family and friends. Thank you, Richard Haviland.”

Richard A. Haviland April 19, 2018

“Thank you guys so much for the beautiful celebration of life that you and your team put together for my Dad. You guys made the process so east- I am thankful for your friendship and support.”

Rankin W. January 16, 2018

“Megan and staff: We appreciate the care you have given up at this time; everything came together beautifully for our Mother.”

Terry H. January 15, 2018

“Megan, as I read the article, I recalled the care, professionalism and personal touch that you and your staff gave us during very difficult times. I remember from the mid-80’s, my family always relying on your funeral home. When my father passed away in 2004, and my mother in 2008, there was never even a thought of where we would turn to. Thank you for all you have done, and congratulations on all that you and your staff have achieved!”

Mike Davis August 01, 2017

“Dear Joe Coyle and Megan Coyle-Stamos and Coyle Staff, Thank you all for your caring and thoughtful service for the funeral of our father Richard L. Daley. Sincerely, Margaret Atkinson and the Daley Family”

Margaret Atkinson April 10, 2017

“Megan, Please extend our thanks and gratitude to your entire staff. You and your funeral directors have been great and a pleasure to do business with during these difficult times. The quality, compassion and care have been outstanding. The service after the funeral has been remarkable as well. Warmest regards, Thank you. John, Kirby and Quinn McLoughlin”

McLoughlin March 27, 2017

“Dear John Kookoothe, thank you for all you did to help arrange Eric's funeral celebration. And for all the EXTRA things over and above you did for us. It was a very stressful time, but you always were there for us with a kind heart. Thank You!”

Jim and Melissa Mugler March 08, 2017

“Dear Philip, We wanted to thank you again for our truly lovely experience at Coyle. We all felt so confused and overwhelmed with the death, and you put us at ease; and what's more- you took care of everything! We are so very grateful. Our thanks to you Philip, it was wonderful meeting you and Megan. If ever you decide to make a field trip to Texas to see the National Museum of Funeral History, please let us know. Thanks again for your kindness and caring. -Judith”

Judith Pringle February 23, 2016

“Dear Phil and everyone at Coyle's, Words cannot express the loving care and dignity which you extended to our brother at the time of his sudden and unexpected death. All the arrangements for his memorial service were handled with compassionate professionalism. The final celebration of his life was a beautiful memory his family and friends will never forget. The gorgeous tapestry you made for us has become a cherished keepsake. Coyle's has handled funeral services for all our departed family members in the past and will continue in the future as well. With Sincere Gratitude from the entire Harris Family.”

Claudia S. December 10, 2015

“Dear John and Megan, thanks for helping me finish the final preparations for Mom's memorial service. Everything ran so smoothly, thanks to your help.”

The Phillips family November 11, 2015

“Words cannot be expressed enough for making this difficult time a comforting transition. Thank you for your wonderful services.”

Sandy A. March 09, 2015

“You did a fantastic job making D Michael Collin's funeral a time to remember. It could not have been more professionally done. I was pleased to see that the family's space was respected. The TV stations also helped show that 'Toledo Cares' What a beautiful and well planned 'send off' of our loved Mayor. Agneta Seeley”

A. Seeley February 13, 2015

“To the Staff: I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, for your kind, compassionate care you have shown to me and my family, during this most difficult time. The death of our father was devastating to us, but you have helped ease the pain. From your kind words to the countless ways you helped. More of my family has noticed your first class establishment and have vowed to use it when the time comes.”

Elaine N. December 19, 2014

“Dear Megan and staff, thank you for everything!! Your professional skills and personal warmth took so much of the stress out of our goodbye to mom. You made a sad occasion a positive experience! Thanks again.”

Joey and family December 15, 2014

“Megan and staff: Thanks so much for the wonderful tapestry to remember my husband. I can't thank you enough for making a difficult time less painful and creating a meaningful celebration of Michael's life.”

Georgia Roberts November 20, 2014

“To the Coyle Family: Thank you. You were a blessing to the Krasula Family in their time of need. Frank and his family had nothing but good things to say about their experience with Coyle Funeral Home. Continues success to your awesome staff. Sincerely, Pastor David Banks”

Pastor David Banks

“Dear Gary and Staff, From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your caring, comforting and efficient service to our family. You treated us with compassion, making this difficult time so much easier. You really made me, personally, feel that my precious mom was in capable and caring hands. Truly yours, Shari O'Brien”

Shari O'Brien

“Dearest John, Phil, Gary, Cyndi, Georgie and others not specifically mentioned by name, you were so thoughtful and really kind too~ The world is a nicer place because of people like you! Our Deepest and most profound appreciation for your many kindnesses at the funeral of our mom Kathleen. At a time such as this, when we lost someone most dear to our hearts, you provided comfort and the utmost consideration. Very Sincerely, The Family of Kathleen M. Gray”

The Family of Kathleen M. Gray

“Thanks a million for the attention to detail. Everything was well done. Super job by your Team. Thanks again from the entire Johnson Family for the special attention you gave to all of us.”

John Johnston, Joan Channell August 20, 2014

“Megan, Thanks to you and everyone at Coyle who attended to Dad’s showing, buriel etc. You all did a fantastic job. It was perfect as Mom would have wanted. She was the planner and did a good job of it as I can see now. I was very happy to see how well dad looked in the casket. It has been years since he looked so peaceful. Mom’s failing health had been very difficult to watch and deal with for all of us but mostly Dad since he lived with her. They were such great parents….thanks for making their final memories the best anyone could ask for. Thanks, Sue”

Sue Marquis January 21, 2014

“Dear Coyle Staff: Thank you for your warmth, love and support during this diffiuct time in our lives. Everything was beautiful. Mom would have love the service. Thanks also for the gorgeous tapestry; people who were there are still commenting on how beautiful it was. Sincerely, The Neenan Family”

Peg I. October 21, 2013

“During a difficult time, and with NO prior experience to guide us, the Coyle staff made this all happen effortlessly for us. "On stop shopping" was great! Staff was present, helpful, attentive but not intrusive. All of the details were handled perfectly, and my Mom looked lovely. Many many thanks!”

Cindy and Mike W. September 03, 2013

“Greetings Megan: Happy spring and mostly congratulation on 125 years of dedicated and compassionate service to the community. It is fine, outstanding institutions like Coyle that make our community what it is today. Thanks for adding such value to those who seek your services at difficult and fragile times along the journey of life. Your commitment to excellence makes a HUGE difference. Every time I visit Coyle Funeral home, there is warm and peaceful feeling that everyone is well cared for and that death and grief are respected and honored. Continued best wishes as you go forth! Because of several complications in my schedule, I will not be able to join you on April 28 starting at 2. Please accept my regrets, although they are late. I appreciated the reminder call. Celebrate and commemorate well. Nick Nigro”

Nick Nigro April 22, 2013

“Dear Megan and Coyle Staff: We would like to express our sincere gratitude with all your help, guidance, patience, kindness and care have shown us during our difficult time. You have made our experience a very happy one. We just loved the presentation of my Grandmother and the way you set up the room. Everyone in our family appreciates all your wonderful suggestions in creating a very special, beautiful and unique funeral service. We will forever remember our experience with you and will highly recommend your establishment.”

Anne B. and Janet E. March 08, 2013

“Every aspect of the funeral arrangements were as if orchestrated by God himself. Thank you for your commitment to caring.”

Jackie H.

“Thank you,Megan, for how you have cared for our family. Blessings to you. Saturday at 11:21pm”

Paula Fiscus, sister of Todd Smith January 07, 2013

“"On behalf of my entire family, I would like to thank you for making a difficult time run so smoothly. We are so appreciative of the support, your knack for detail and always being 100% professional. We were highly impressed with your staff and facility.”

Janice C. November 20, 2012

““Please don’t change your staff. They are wonderful””

Ann W.

““Coyle Funeral Home did an outstanding job!””


““They were very respectful of the deceased and his family””

Ann C.